Lifetime Hosting

Say Goodbye To Monthly and Annual Hosting Fees!

NC IT is pleased to offer a new concept in web hosting – LIFETIME HOSTING. This service offers small and medium businesses access to professional Enterprise Web Technology, Unmanaged Hosting and Support Packages that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

We make it easy. You can use your hosting for anything you want as long as (1) it does not violate CAN-SPAM Laws, (2) your content & data are not illegal in nature, and (3) your site does not violate ICANN Policies. This means that you can effectively host your web sites, CRM, Support Ticket System, email server and so much more from the one system.

Please Note: if you are looking for Collocation or an Advanced Server Environment we do not offer these services. However, we have provided a link to a page [   ]  where we have listed some really great places to find these advanced services. Advanced hosting services for most of you will not apply.

What does “Lifetime Hosting” really mean?

We know that the term Lifetime, (usually paired with guarantee), can be ambiguous and misleading. It is usually accompanied by impossible promises attached to a sales pitch that falls far short of its stated aims. That will not happen here.

Lifetime Hosting”, at its core, is a Self-Managed, Dedicated Service. As long as you remain an ongoing client with us, you only make a one-time payment for hosting. If you ever need to upgrade to a larger package, you simply pay the difference in the amount between the Web Hosting Package you are currently using and the Web Hosting Package you want to upgrade to.

If you need more than one Self-Managed, Dedicated Hosting Environments you are welcome to launch multiple environments. If you need to purchase another one, just make a request under your account by starting a support ticket.

Why would I need or want Lifetime Hosting?

Actually, the answer to that question is simple and straightforward. Hosting is an investment. Finding and keeping the right hosting company means well-managed servers with frequent updates and staunch security that mean downtime for the server is infrequent and immediately addressed. Every hour your site is down you lose money, so reliability is central to the health of your online presence. Lifetime Hosting means you pay ONLY ONCE for the service described. You can forget trying to accommodate the ever-changing, upcharging, and irritating customer service failures.  Your website will never go down because you went on vacation and forgot to pay the bill. You are in control.

If you are an established business you already know the many costs associated with your website – from Domains to e-mail to Self-hosted web apps and more. These costs can get out of hand. In addition, costs get out of hand because of sales gimmicks which force you to keep upgrading with changes to a platform with new technologies, rather than letting your enterprise mature and upgrade when it is appropriate to your business model. Here are a few gimmicks out there:

Gimmick #1

Hosts use processors and ram to keep you distracted from the fact that you are paying for disk space more than delivery. Your website starts to run slow, you call support to complain, and all they can say is that you need to upgrade. While sometimes this is true, it should not always be the solution. We choose to be better by running analytic tests and telling you exactly why your site is so slow so that you know the best approach to getting it fixed. We believe that transparency is key, and we want you to make informed decisions. We offer Hourly Server Support or Monthly Server & Desktop Support services.

Gimmick #2

If you won’t upgrade they will try to upsell you on a site redesign. They will push for various reasons to upgrade your hosting plan to more speed, ram, and disk space. They will use excuses like your Web Design or Website Code is too old or cluttered with unnecessary tools.

Gimmick #3

If you don’t fall for #1 or #2, SOME smaller and cheaper Hosting Services have been known to infect your site with simple malware. To be clear: NOT ALL providers do this, but in our 2 decades of experience we’ve dealt with enough of our own projects and clients who have encountered this problem to know that it’s an established tactic.

What they infect your site with is not really anything truly malicious, but it gives them the right to shut your services off until the issue is fixed. This may mean that you pay them to fix it, which usually comes with the trimmings of #2 above, a trick that gets you to buy into expensive updates and redesigns. Or it requires you to find someone who can fix it off of Craigslist, Freelancer, or Upwork, which is a whole project management and cost hurdle you weren’t prepared to deal with when you woke up one morning to realize that your website was no longer active.

And after all of that effort, you may find that you’re snared in their “malware” trap again when they repeat the process in another year, shutting down your website until you once again spend considerable time, money and energy to “fix” the problem.

Our Lifetime Hosting is a model driven by simplicity, transparency, and our willingness to be a good partner to your business. We want you to succeed. Our part in your success is to provide a clear and reliable service that you don’t need to worry about. There are no upsells or false flags, no annual renewals or surprise costs. If a time comes that you find you need more from our service than your current package provides, we’ll have a discussion with you to assess your needs and clearly explain your expansion options. We’re dedicated to growing with you as painlessly as possible, and look forward to being part of your success!